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Mice Removal

Some More Various Ways to Get Rid of Mice

Mice might look cute on screen in the different children’s cartoons, but people who face the hassles of mice in their own house know how troublesome these rodents can be. However, a person must not be unduly worried about mice as by following certain measures mice removal can be successfully achieved. Some employed techniques are humanitarian while some are quite torturous, and it is up to you to decide which option to choose. Obviously there are the traditional methods of removing mice, like poisoning and trapping, that are implemented even now. But in many modern apartments and houses, newer and innovative techniques like pest-control treatments are being implemented.  Professional companies are existent which provide these services and you must get hold of a reputed one in your locality that does pest-control.

Many modern gadgets are used by the pest-control experts with years of experience and expertise in mice removal. These companies first try to identify the real cause of mice manifestation and then address the issues.  All the possible entry points are located and appropriate measures to block them are undertaken / suggested. Certain overall precautions would also be taken to ensure that mice do not get attracted to your house. In order to avoid recurrence of the problem your house might also be made mouse-proof. It is important to remember that food items like pulses, grains and cereals are liked by mice and these products should therefore be safety trucked away from the reach of the mice. Food must be stored carefully and the house must be kept as neat and tidy as possible. You must dispose garbage and other leftover food products regularly as these are attractive spots for mice.

You can also spot various holes and drains through which mice might enter your house on your own. You should place metal wools in those locations so that mice cannot reopen them. All these techniques to stop mice from intruding are totally humane and safe. Use of live-traps is also a very humane method to remove mice from your house. The disadvantages with live traps are that not many mice get caught and you need to periodically monitor them to ensure that no mice remains trapped for a long time.  After the mice have been trapped, you need to take them outside your house and release them afar so that these rodents are not able to reenter your house. If there are young children, babies, and pets in your house it is preferable to use live traps as there would not be any chance of getting affected by the mouse poisons / pesticides. Hence, mice removal techniques like live mouse traps and organic pest control are supported by the animal rights groups.

Among the other mice removal methods, glue-traps are the most despicable. In these traps the mice get stuck in the glue of the trap and they are unable to free themselves. If the mice are not properly released from this trap within a short duration, these rodents die a painful death from dehydration and starvation. Poisoned baits are also used by many people to eradicate mice. These baits are usually food items that are preferred by mice and kept in places easily accessible to them. After these products, known as rodenticides, are ingested by mice death becomes a near certainty. Baits for killing mice can be got from any grocery store. The major constituents of poisoned baits are Pival and Warfarin. Warfarin is an anticoagulant that thins the blood of the mice and prevents it from clotting.  Due to this, internal bleeding starts which ultimately leads the mice to death.  

A very ingenious gadget that is being frequently used in many houses for getting rid of mice is the Electronic Pest-Repellent. In this instrument high-pitched sound waves are emitted which drive away the rodents. But chances of the mice coming back are high because the high-pitched sounds step being emitted as soon as the gadget is switched off. Then the mice might again make their way into your house. Keeping cats in your house can be a wonderful way of tackling mice issues. Many people also advocate the use of onions and mint leaves in places which are visited by mice. Adding borax powder to food items is another popular mice removal technique.

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