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Pet Picks - Answering Your Pest Mice Control Issues

Sometimes the idea of having to pick-up a dead mouse every once in a while after your poisons have taken its toll on the rodents in your house is just dreary and too messy to handle personally. Even the fact of having to check your mouse traps daily would have been annoyingly routine-ish at some point and time consuming especially when you have other things that you have to be busy with at the moment. Say for example you have an impending work at the office and you need to rush off right away from your house to thither but apparently, twenty of your placed mousetraps had their catch. Of course you can't just leave those caught mice in there otherwise, they might just die there by the time you get back and that would open the possibility of inviting more disease ridden pests inside your house. Then you delay your itinerary for a while for a more pressing mice clean-up matter at hand. When it comes to using poison, well, you already know the consequences. Mice dying in their litters would really take your search to another level and even if that means you would to turn your house upside down.

Initial Considerations

You should have thought that if there is only a way to deal with these pestering mice immediately without the mess then you would really avail for it. But then, another point of consideration is making sure that the means to deal with the mice should also be affordable. It would be utterly unreasonable to spend a fortune over a device to catch or repel mice if you don't have a considerable problem at hand. Even so, if you have a considerable mice problem at hand, you would have had called the professional exterminators to really get the job done nice and neat. However, if that isn't the case yet, you wouldn't think so, unless you are a highly extravagant person who likes to waste money.

Cost efficiency is another thing to consider when purchasing means to deal with mice. Cost efficiency encompasses a lot of aspects in an item or device's utility but essentially, cost efficiency refers to achieving all economic goals in a reasonable or if possible, low price. The means that you will purchase must not cost much, and if it does, it has to be certain that it is effective and it will be for a very long time. Don't invest on means that could easily be dispensed in a short amount of time. Instead for settling for remedies, focus on solutions that will truly do away with the problem, in this case, pest mice. Pest mice control should always be efficient and effective and affordable.

Fortunately, there is a mean to deal with mice problems that meet all the considerations aforementioned above. You may have to invest some money to purchase the mean, but rest assured you will soon experience the efficient outcomes of having these means around. The best means to deal with the pest mice are pets.

Advantages of Having Pets

Having pets around are actually the best deterrence you can ever have against pest mice. Picking the right pets will ensure you that no mice will ever go near your tables or loiter roaming around the house. Otherwise, a little stroll for a vermin will mean instant or sometimes, extended and cruel death from the paws or claws of your domesticated pest safeguards. Pets are also cost efficient because even if they do cost you some amount upon purchase, however, you will be assured of a lifetime (your pet's lifetime) protection against the disasters posed by pest mice. Of course maintenance will come in naturally, but you may cut cost anytime and your pets won't really complain about it. Just make sure that you still provide your pets with the appropriate nourishment.

One very appealing advantage when it comes to having pets to deal with your pest mice problem is that you can easily leave them around to do the job for you. Whenever you need to get an office work done right away, you need not worry about mice carcasses littered everywhere because they will surely find their peace inside your pets stomach.

Pets also have keener animal predator instincts that work way better than any other pest mice control devices available in the market. Not to mention that you will also introduce a natural way to deal with pets akin to any environmental endeavors the world needs. They are also not hazardous compared to using pest poisons which could accidentally find its way to your children's hands if left unmonitored. On top of that all is the undeniable fact that it will always be very adorable to have pets around, unless if you are an animal hater.

However, you should make sure that you pick out the right pet(s) to handle the pest mice problem. You can't expect that having a hummingbird in a cage will do a pretty good battle against vermin; it might just actually end up getting eaten.

So if you are to pick the pets to handle the job, make sure that you don't purchase a rodent's pray. Pick on the ones that will prey on rodents. Here are some of the pet top-picks that could eat away all your pest mice problems:

Pet Selections


They are cute and cuddly, polite, and loyal. They also make sure that your house is safeguarded from burglars or any unwanted uninvited individuals by serving as residential alarms if not attack units. But that's not all canines are capable off. As contrary to popular belief, that cats are the most effective mice control pets, dogs do better jobs. That's how a rat terrier even got its name. Dogs are naturally omnivorous and they attack almost anything small, moving and foreign to their senses. They can pounce on any scurrying mice and unlike cats who tends to play with their prey before killing them, risking the chance of them escaping, dogs are more unforgiving and cruel.


Well they are true to what they are known for. Cats are effective mice killers actually as mice are part of their prey lists. Cats being all playful in nature especially to small, ball-like items, they have a habit of playing with mice first before snacking them for good. Sometimes even, they don't ingest their pray, they just leave their kill dead on the floor for you to see by the time you come home, although that can be quite inconvenient sometimes because you would have to clean-up the mess afterward. Nevertheless, that only happens sometimes and most of the time, they do eat them up. You can train cats to become mousers. Mousers are specially trained cats that hunt down mice. Both dogs and cats are not one hundred percent effective by themselves. That's why they should be trained at some point. My sister has a very nice site about cats. Go check her cat scratching post blog if you like cats :)

Barn Owls

The great hunters of the night are amongst the most feared rodents. A family of barn owls can eat up as many as 15 mice per day. And what makes them deadlier to mice is the fact that they're nocturnal too and they do have keeners senses when dark leaving all mice activities at night to a hunt.

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