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Top 3 Best Mice Traps

Mice control is so much easier if it is done prior to an infestation. You see, mice are very adaptable animals and once they have nested in a place, it would be very difficult to get rid of them (well, it would be easy if you can kill them). In this particular case, the saying "prevention is better than cure" holds true. It would have been really easier to keep your surroundings clean, to have all trash been covered or to keep wood pile on an elevated platform. Clutter and mess makes a particular area very prone to mice infestation. Nonetheless, if it took an actual infestation problem before you realize this fact, you can still make things right by addressing the infestation first and then mice-proofing your property immediately right after.

You can resort to different methods of mice control in order to eradicate the current mice population in your house. You can poison them or you can catch them one by one using mice traps. In my opinion, the latter method is better when you live with pets and kids. Sometimes, out of curiosity, pets and children would end up "feeding" on the poisoned food baits which are intended for the mice. As a result, they would also be poisoned and would possibly suffer from serious health problems. On the other hand, the most unwanted damage that the traps can do is to snap into your child's finger or your pet's nose, which may be painful but is not fatal in any way.

There are many kinds of mice traps available in the market nowadays. Apart from the traditional snap traps that have existed since time immemorial, we now have glue boards and electronic traps. Some traps can catch a single mouse per snap while others can snap five all at the same time; some are re-usable, some are not. Now, of all these traps available at our disposal, how do we choose which one is the best for specific applications? Listed below are my top 3 picks:

1. Paper/Tray Glue Traps - As per my personal opinion, these are the easiest to use and by far the most mess-free trap available in the $1 to $3 price range. Mice would end up being stuck into the glue trap and all you need to do is to dispose them outside. You can drown the mice to kill them if you can't afford to do it using your own hands (or if you want to avoid as much blood as possible). It is wise to use these traps in areas where kids and pets live too because they are not poisonous and they will not hurt them in anyway. If your children or pets happen to touch the trap, it will just stick into your pet's hair or your child's hand; you can easily remove it using oil.

2. Mice Snap Traps - If it's a contest on "most number of traps sold", then these traps will win, hands down. These traps are so popular mainly because they are cheap and they have been there ever since the concept of mice trapping has been developed.

3. Automatic Set Trap - These traps are really just like the traditional snap traps; the only difference is that the user no longer has to set the trap by himself/herself. Some people are just so afraid that these traps will snap their hands while they set it; now, with the auto-set, these worries are soon to be forgotten.

Actually, there are so many other types of traps out there. The three traps I have mentioned above just happened to be my favorites.
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