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Killing Mice for a Living

Mice can do much economic damage not because they consume farm goods and produce but because they can contaminate great magnitudes of goods and produce by simply crawling through them. They can make food unsafe for consumption through their urine or through their droppings. Moreover, their bodies (their hair and wet noses most especially) can carry so much disease-causing viruses and bacteria that a short contact with it can already make food and other goods threats to the human health.

However, as much as mice can cause damage and waste earnings, the many cases of mice infestations around the world have also made so many people rich. By establishing pest control companies that specializes on mouse extermination, many mouse-busters have become millionaires. Indeed, these people have made a living through killing mice. You can be one of these successful mouse exterminators. Of course, you can't just dive into the business as you are right not, you have to learn so stuff first before you can establish for yourself a pest control company. This article is written to show you how. While this article does not promise to tell you everything that you need, it is be sufficient to give you a good idea as to how you are going to start your future business right. I hope you will find this article helpful.

Feasibility Study

You don't have to own a master's degree in Business Administration in order to conduct a fairly good feasibility study. All you need to do is to ask around your place about the needs of the people there with respect to mouse infestation. Make a simple checklist and questionnaire which you can give to everyone in the neighborhood. The questionnaire might include some questions like these:

1. Do you have pest mouse problems at home?

2. What have you done to solve the problem?

3. Have you ever hired a professional mouse exterminator in the past?

4. Do you think a pest exterminator in the neighbourhood can help you?

The list can go on and on, add questions which you feel will help you understand how the people in your neighborhood think about for-hire pest extermination. Do not just conduct the survey in one place, you can scout some other locations as well and try to conduct a survey there. Give your respondents some incentives for participating in your survey, incentives often encourage people to be more cooperative. You may try giving away stuff that is related to the business you are making a feasibility study of. For example, since you are making a feasibility study for mice extermination, you might want to give away free mouse traps or rodenticides to your respondents. You have to invest a little in your feasibility study; anyway, if you have started doing business in a place where you will not be a hit, you definitely waste a lot of money.

Educate Yourself

If you are starting a small-scale pest control business, then it is in your best interest to keep a close look in your business. It is not wise to dive into a business which you have no knowledge of. It is also too risky for you to hire someone else to administer your business especially when you are still starting, so it is always better if you educate yourself about your business and then run it yourself.

You might want to enrol to a pest control vocation class first. You can also learn online through reading a lot of materials but learning pest control in a school is much better because you get to learn by experience and you get to be taught by exterminators who have been in the job for so long. Another good thing about learning extermination from a school is the fact that schools confer diplomas and certificates. You can use these documents to make your pest control company more legit and more credible in the sight of your future clients. If possible, join a lot of seminars and conferences about pest control in order to fully equip yourself with the knowledge that you need. You don’t have to be the exterminator yourself because you can hire exterminators to work for you; however, in order to administer your exterminators better, you have to know how they do their stuff.

Follow the Set of Rules and Guidelines

The government and its licensing department are also very strict when it comes to giving pest control companies licenses to operate. This level of strictness is primarily due to the fact that pest control companies are usually given the privilege to use rodenticides and other mice poisons which are not to be sold to common homeowners. These chemicals need to be handled properly so the government asks pest control companies to join seminars and conferences. Do not bend the rules and pay yourself out of it. There is a good reason why the government is strict and you have to understand the rationale behind these reasons.

If you are required to have certain documents before you are allowed to operate or to use a certain kind of mouse poison, then you have to follow the requirement. It is very important for you to establish a name first before you start "thinking for the company's welfare". Since you are still starting as a neighborhood pest control agent, you have to win the approval of the people around you and one way of doing this is by showing them that you follow the rules and that you care about the service that you give, not just the money that your get out of the service.

Winning Clients' Approval

In most cases, it is always a good business strategy to make your clients think that they are very important. There are many ways to make your client feel so; one very simple way is to give them give discounts and extra services simply for opting to hire you. You have to be careful though, you don't want to make your business look cheap by hinting your clients that you are so desperate to win their approval that's why you are giving away unbelievable discounts. Be creative in sending the message that your company will take care of them and their homes. It is also very helpful if you train your employees to be always pleasant to your clients.

It is very normal for people to like servicemen who are pleasant to them. Make your employees look presentable; being an exterminator does not mean that your employee has to look like a killer or a vampire or something. While it is ridiculous to put your exterminators in coats and ties, it is always a good idea to put them in a clean and "trustworthy" uniform. Always remember that in business, the packaging is always very important. But that does not mean that you concentrate on the packaging alone. You should also make sure that your employees are well equipped with the skills and knowledge that is needed for them to properly do their job and to give your clients a good experience with your company. Quality service will definitely result to an increase in the number of clients.

Yes, killing mice a.k.a mice extermination can be done for a living!

All the best,
Sergiu Zburatoru
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