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A Pest Mice Story

This is a guest post written by one of my good friends Carl from Ohio.

Mice are indeed very troublesome creatures. And the reason why we most often than not call them pests is that they do more damage than good to humans. Even your pet mice or anything of that sort once undomesticated will revert back to its former nature and will gnaw on almost anything is sees. House mice are amongst the top in the league of domestic pests that causes a lot of damages to human properties. And we do try to get rid of them in any way we know possible. However, there are just these times that they prove to be really difficult of a catch that we would have to resort into extreme measures, such as poisoning them. It should be understood that poisoning pest mice should be a last option to anyone as there can be potential harms to us humans if we use poison to catch vermin as we can be victims as well of its deadly affects.

I myself have bear witness to the different ways of dealing pest mice in the house as we do have a lot of mice inhabiting and roaming around the house. Often I could not find myself to sleep because of the noise the foraging mice create on the wall and on the ceilings. I have personally deduced already that there are quite a number of mice infesting my household basing on the amount of noise I do hear each night at bed. Even when I'm watching TV at my couch in the living room, I hear them squeaking as if talking to each other, communicating their locations and signaling the others where the food resources are located. And each morning as I wake up, I often see a lot of pest devastation taking place in anywhere in the house. Gnawing damages in the fridge cables, the wiring behind my TV stand are all torn up, there was even one time that my DVD component ceased to function already because it suffered too much gnawing damage and I then have to buy a new one for replacement. There were times as well when I leave food on the table especially when I can't finish up my dinner I often leave them on the table to finish them up the next morning and I wake up to my surprise finding all the left food were already gone or sometimes, at least most of it are gone. It was then I realized that the vermin problem has been causing too much property damage already and the monetary investments lost on the properties that were damaged are skyrocketing into proportions I never would have expected. And then I thought it is about time I take a counter-measure against this pest mice control issue before things would really go out of control. Of course I don't want end up becoming homeless because my house suddenly dilapidated due to the amount of damage the pests have already inflicted.

So I did take countermeasures and invested on the purchase of many different varieties of pest mice control methods and devices. It was a trial and error stage for me at first because I can’t seem to find the right device or method that would truly answer the pest mice problem inside the house. There were times I thought to myself that I probably have missed on something on the steps on how to effectively catch them. Even though I know that everything would have been probably a lot easier if I go to a professional pest exterminator and hire their services but the vision of the amount of expenses it would cost me to hire them often scares me to hell. I know for a fact that exterminators could charge as much $300 for full package pest extermination and with the quantity of pest problem I have inside my house I could already foresee the scary dollar figure it would entail. So I chose not to hire them and decided to deal with the vermin problem myself. I did my own homework (I know, you should be thinking now that I should have done this a long time before.) and researched on all popular pest mice control methods in the internet.

On my first search, things weren't as easy as it seems. I mean, I thought there was one universally accepted device or method to deal with pest mice for good, however, when I typed-in the keyword "pest mice control" a lot of things were popping already in a “0.008 seconds” span of time. Different websites offering different opinions on varying methods and devices and each of them is saying their ways would totally cure anyone's domestic vermin problem. Having a lot of options made quite oblivious which to pick and uncertain about their effectiveness as they all claim to be effective. I could imagine that some websites would go through great lengths in lying just to prove that they offer the most effective tips in dealing with pest and or have someone buy their items. It's not that I could not purchase a device for me, but I can't be too slipshod in the purchase decision. I can't be wasting any more money after all the repairs and renovations I had and I would have to come-by with what the pests have already caused. So I have to be really careful on pinpointing my next investment otherwise, I might just end up donating instead of investing. Everyone has to or at least wants to have an ROI in all of their investments and so did I.

Like I said at first it was awfully difficult for me to take a pick. I couldn't come up with a system yet to narrow down my choices, let alone narrow down the websites to the few credible ones I should refer to. So it was kind of deadlock situation for me at first but it wasn't too long until I finally came up with a way on how to filter the options laid right in front of me. I thought, that all of them could possibly be telling the truth or at least of what they say is truth, considering that there are indeed ways that are more popular than the others and most of the websites I came across would probably have tackled these ways in full or in passing in their contents. So I did a full review on all of the websites that popped on that keyword and read-on each and every one of them and searched for the most commonly mentioned means. And eventually after my extensive assessment was through I end up with three things that were the most common of them all - Traps, Rodenticides, and Pets.

After narrowing down my options, I then checked on the reviews and comments of each website on their products and whichever says more positive stuff is where I would make a purchase. But acquiring the items is not the end of the story, most of all dealing with the mice problem for good. It took me some months to finally effective situate the traps and rodenticides and picking the right pets that would really scare the mice away. But after months of wait I finally was able to get rid of the mice problem. Now I could sleep right away without being bothered by the screeches and scratches on the walls or be worried about the gnawing damages in the morning. Finally, I now have a pest mice free house.

All the best,
Sergiu Zburatoru
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