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Personal Testimonies on Pest Mice Control

Here are some of the emails/skype conversations/private forum threads that I decided to share with my visitors. Enjoy :)


Q. We have just recently moved in to our new house after getting married last month. However, to our surprise we discovered that mice have moved into our house before we ever did. Now, we have mice screeching in the walls at night and gnawing damages in the fridge wires in the morning. We have just recently spent a fortune on our wedding and honeymoon that we can't possible hire a professional exterminator's services as of the moment. Does anyone know any natural, conventional, most of all relatively cheaper means than hiring a professional to get rid of mice? Thanks in advance.
-Ara & Carl

For some time now, I have lived in a place where there are a lot of mice roaming around in the house. From where I used to live, there weren't any mice at all since it is a high place. It was only then that I realized that common house mice could barely or not at all nest in extremely high places. If you live in a mountain you would barely see mice roaming around. But it can't be said that same thing can be applied to everyone as not everyone would choose to reside in a mountain or any high place in particular. But if you really want to live in a truly mice free dwelling, you may choose to reside in a high place and you won't find any mice in there at all. This advice may not apply to all but it's worth considering especially when you're still picking out a house to live in.

Three years ago, when my aunt just recently moved in her brand-new house, she had mice residing in their apart from herself. She would see the disaster that mice were causing every day in the house. Gnawing damages were everywhere, from the living furniture to the electric wirings in the fridge and the washing machine and I could conspicuously witness them in my visits. She was quite a pretty frugal woman so she wouldn't reconsider hiring professional exterminators to do the job for her (knowing that their services would cost 300 USD at some point). Therefore, she opted to find more natural and conventional means to deal with the mice problem. I told her to consider having pet cats around to deter the presence of mice inside the house. However, she's asthmatic and she finds cats very intolerable. Then she thought of the next best thing to having a cat around which is a kitty litter. She believed that if mice will sense a cat's essence around the house, it will deter them from inhabiting the place. At first I was sceptical but eventually I dramatically noticed the dwindling visits of mice in the house. From then on I was convinced that it kind of worked. I'm not sure if it's really the kitty litter that is driving all the mice away but if you are open to trying out each possible option you may do what my aunt did. You just have to make sure that the kitty litter has some kitty scent or smell in it.

I’ve always been a humane person and I disliked the idea of having to kill creatures just for the sake of ridding your house of food free loaders. Like mice, even though that they do give a rather considerable nuisance inside the house, I still don't think they deserve to die cruelly by poisoning or any other means to kill them. There are quite a variety of humane traps out there that doesn't intentionally kill mice and I choose to have them instead of lethal rodent poisons that pose danger not only to mice but also to non-targeted animals like your pets and even your children. On top of that, I also hate the stench that would come later if a mouse dies out of poisoning but whose carcass in concealed somewhere remotely reachable inside the house. When making use of mice traps, it would be wise to check on the traps daily to make sure that a trapped mouse is immediately disposed. Make sure to dispose them as well in places that are considerably distant from your residence. About 2 kms away from the house will get rid of your resident mice for good. If the infestation has really gone out of control, you may call professional exterminators to handle the job with a strict instruction not to kill the mice.

Get a Cat! ;)

Speaking of natural rodent repellents, if you really are an eco-friendly type of person who would rather breed parasites in your house rather than intentionally killing them, then ultrasonic devices are the thing for you. I have exactly the same device inside the house and it effectively dissuades mice from entering my house. The device produces ultra-high frequency sound waves that jam mice hearing senses, deterring them from infiltrating your premises. The noise being produced by the device works quite well but it also affects all other animals of the same proportions. Therefore if you have pet hamsters or guinea pigs, this may not be a good idea for you after all. Rest assured it deters all sorts of pests, including bugs. Pest persons are not included though. Each device would cost around $20 and it's certainly worth a try. I have tried it personally and I never had pest mice problems inside my house.

There's a similar device I've read on reviews but it doesn't work like what was mentioned by Roger above. Instead of emitting high-frequency sound waves that jams mice's sense of hearing, it produces electrical impulses that run any critters out from your place. It's worth $50 and having cost that much would probably imply that it's really quite effective. I've heard testimonials from neighbours and friends whom have used the product all attests that it worked quite well for them.

Sealing crack and holds in the pavements, walls, and corners are effective mice restrictors and controllers. Pest mice control methods should including the sealing of seams as they are potential entrances and exits for mice from your house. If you have effective sealed all possible mice passages inside your house, you will be able to control their rally points thus rendering your traps completely useful. However, you should also use your critical thinking and analysis in determining the mice waypoints and figure out where they lead after foraging. Closely monitoring mice movements will enable you to identify their litters. Hone your hearing senses and trace their foot tracks and discover where they go. It's a natural method therefore you won't have guilt in your hands. Just make sure to use humane traps as well.

Most people would think that cats are the most effective mice exterminator animals, however this is a misconception. Dogs are actually even more effective mice intimidators inside the house. Having a dog around will definitely keep the mice away. You may also consider having a pet mongoose inside the house to eat all the mice up for good. There are other mice eating pets you can also avail of but you really have to make sure first that you have a susceptible environment for them or you are prepared for the amount and kind of maintenance having these pets entails.

All the best,
Sergiu Zburatoru
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