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Pest Mice Control Methods - Pros, Cons

A Review on the Pros and Cons of Pest Mice Control Methods

In the previous articles we have had discussions about how to train yourself to become an effective mice hunter or exterminator (or whichever you may prefer to be entitled). Now in this article we will be discussing further about an essential fundamentals that one should consider in order to become an effective pest exterminator. This article is basically a review on the pros and cons of every known method that can be used to exterminate mice. You may use this review article as a support to your stock knowledge and a supplement to your incumbent skills in mice hunting. It is important to important to underscore the crucial pros and cons of a method before it can be applied into real terms to ensure that you will acquire the desired output of your quest. So take your time to read right through this article and carefully integrate the things that you will learn from this. I assure you that you will find all the knowledge you will acquire here in your pest riddance endeavor. Just make sure to underscore the importance of implementation as well. If you are just going to read this and never apply it anyway, it won't be worth the time reading to begin with.

Now, most of us would think that if once you have purchased a particular mice exterminating or catching item, you are already assured that you will get right into the problem's solution. However, that is not necessarily so. There are some considerations that you have to comprehend first so that you will be able to effectively implement any method. One of them is the one discussed in the previous article, which are tips on how to effectively hone your instinctive and intuitive nature to adapt into mice MO's and the other is the full assessment of the methods being used. The underscoring of the certain advantages and disadvantages of a device or method to know whether you can be fully entrusting to it or if you can really utilize it at a given time.

Moreover, the knowledge on a device or method's pros and cons will thoroughly help you in assessing situations wherein you will be able to know which method or device to apply at the moment. One should understand that while it may be true that each device or method can be potentially effective in dealing with the pest mice problem, however, there are still limitations and extents to their functionality. Knowing these boundaries of functionality will warrant you the ability to optimize what you already have. Remember, that in order for this methods and devices to work effectively, you first have to be an effective user or executor yourself. Hence, knowing thoroughly your device will help you to become one.

Another advantage of being able to know the limitations of your method or device being used is that you will then be able to know the exact time when you will have to employ other methods when all the other previous methods have failed. Or you will know what method or device you will use to compound the effectiveness of the ones previously employed. Although, sometimes they may take some time to get around to but you can always back on the chances that you will be able use it immediately depending on how critical your analysis can get. But then, that's not always the case so therefore, take your time learning and applying the methods in a trial and error manner. Over time, you will become adept in their applications and by then you will become an effective mice exterminator. The learning curve for this will only take you about 2-4 weeks (according to my personal experience), so you must not worry about having to undergo longer periods of time learning.

Here are the certain pros and cons of the most prominent methods being used to catch or exterminate mice:



Mice traps are perhaps the most commonly used counter pest mice mechanism of them all probably because its efficiency and effectiveness have been proven over the years making them reliable instruments of mice destruction. Apart from that, they are also very cost efficient as one mice trap would actually only cost around less than a dollar each. You can practically purchase a dozen of them without worrying much on how much you would have already spent and reassured of the plausible positive results granting that you can now cover every possible mice waypoint with a trap. On top of that, they are not as messy as having rodenticides which would kill mice in remotely secluded areas. You can easily dispose of your catch right away to your convenience.


Despite its proven effectiveness it also has its own disadvantages. Mice traps wouldn’t work as efficiently as it should when you’re only using one. Even if you are using a multiple mice trap (one that catches more than just one mouse in a single trap), it is still not as effective as having a dozen or relatively more. This is because if you have bought only one trap, it wouldn’t be able to effectively cover the entire foraging area and way points of the inhabiting mice in your house. Especially if you have a serious mice infestation going on, you would really have to purchase probably even more than a dozen mouse traps. Accumulated would make you worry a little about the expenses. But that's not really the inconvenient part. It is when you would have to place them all around the house to ensure the catch. Having them around may endanger young toddlers who would mistake the traps as toys. Plus of course they're messy to look at in different parts of the house. Another disadvantage of mice traps is that you would have to monitor them as much as daily if possible to ensure that trapped mouse won't die in the traps. Otherwise, dead mouse stench will hover dreadfully after and you have a bit of a concern at hand.



Undoubtedly, they are effective vermin slayers. A single pellet or grain dose of these poisons will lead to certain death to any bothersome pest mice. If placed on a susceptible location, no mice will be able to resist the allure of their last meal.


Well they are poisonous. You can already imagine what dangers it can cause to anyone or anything that would accidentally ingest it. Using rodenticides around the house will have to entail extra precautionary measures to make sure that it won't find its way to the wrong hands or in this case, the wrong stomach. Another problem with rodenticides is that unless if the kill works instantly as soon as the pellet poison are ingested, the chances of mice dying in remotely secluded areas after ingesting the poison is high. That means, you may not be able to locate the pests death place as easily. There's a chance that the poisoned mouse will be able to back to their hiding places first and then die there leaving the mess a bit inaccessible for you.



They are very cute and cuddly to have around, that's one advantage of having pets as a pest mice control method. They are also likely un-messy methods of taking care of the vermin as the pest would probably find their eternal rest on your pet's stomach. Barn Owls, Cats and even Dogs are certain predators of mice and the chances of munching those pests down to their tracts are quite high.


The problem is when your pets are full. If they are full because you have just made them eat their regular pet food, they wouldn't find roaming pest mice that appetizing as they are when your pet's hungry. Chances they may either just leave the pest be or toy with them to death but leaving their carcass littered anywhere. Of course pets are a bit mindless about your sanitary concerns unless if they are trained to do so. But that would entail quite some time for your pets to finally get around. Another issue when it comes to pets is the consistent sustenance and maintenance you would have to come by. Which should be, additional expenditures.

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